COVID19 Social Distancing Graphics

COVID19 Graphics Social Distancing stickers

Social distancing has become our “new normal”
As we prepare to come out of lockdown and adhere to government
recommendations for social distancing measures, Artworks are equipped
to supply businesses in all sectors with practical graphic solutions for
your working environment.

Please contact us for more information or 01179 666331.

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Delivering the magic solution for ThreeMobile

three mobile graphics interior

At Artworks we're always investigating new materials and thinking about how we can use them to best effect. This isn't about novelty for novelty's sake though – a new material has to be capable of fulfilling the job and delivering for our clients. 

One example is autex, an acoustic material that looks like felt and is very prominent in the market at the moment, due to its ability to control noise. We've developed a new method of cutting the material, which gives us a lot more control over it and widens its range of potential applications.

This came in very handy when we were asked to help fit out ThreeMobile's offices in Reading, together with Bristol-based Wylde interiors. Previously we'd worked on their premises in Maidenhead, but this was a new job and a fresh, bespoke approach was required.

The offices are spread over three floors, with an open-plan arrangement, so acoustics and noise damping were important considerations. We were looking to both break the area up into more enclosed spaces, and also dampen the noise.

We provided acoustic walls with intubated graphics, along with hanging waffles and other products, which were well suited to the working environment.

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Bringing Dr Martens back to their roots

Dr Martens Graphics interiors

Dr. Martens boots were first sold on these shores in 1960, and over the years since the brand has become well-established in the UK, building a reputation for quality while also becoming closely associated with an edgy, urban, musical, trend-setting customer base. 

We were well aware of the company's heritage and core brand values when we helped to re-fit their new UK office headquarters in Camden, a fitting location for the company in one of London's trendiest boroughs, just up the road from their store in Camden market.  

The job was highly sought after, so we were delighted to be awarded the work following a competitive tender and pitch process. We developed our ideas together with the design company and Dr Martens themselves, exploring ways to illustrate and reinforce the company's core values.

As anybody who grew up at any point in the last fifty or so years can appreciate, there was no shortage of material to draw on. We were given access to Dr. Martens' extensive image catalogue, featuring many iconic musicians wearing the world famous boots and shoes.

This was used to create bespoke digital wallcoverings which tied in with themed rooms throughout the building, named after the many different musical genres that have become associated with Dr. Martens, including ska, punk rock and techno.

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