Patriot Games at MotoNovo’s New Offices

Wallpaper Digital Wallcovering

Everybody knows that the Welsh are a proud bunch, so when MotoNovo finance decided to open a new office in Cardiff, they knew they needed to make it a place that any self-respecting patriot would be happy to work in.

We were delighted to be asked to work on the project together with our friends at Morgan Lovell, and we quickly set about the task of developing a workplace graphics scheme well-suited to a fast-growing, dynamic company like MotoNovo.

This started with developing ideas that reflected the local culture and the company's corporate identity. Our in-house design team designed and developed illustrations for wallcovering and manifestation focused on local landmarks, including Cardiff Castle.

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Clerkenwell Design Week


Artworks will be launching it’s very own range of AcousticArt products at Design Fields and it would great to see you if you are attending this year.

Working with some of today’s best known acoustic medias and utilising specialist in-house fabrication techniques, we have developed a number of fantastic product solutions including, ceiling rafts and baffles, wall cladding, screens and even Artwork!

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Old Acquaintances, New Opportunities

Superdrug acrylic

Over the years we've established a great relationship with interiors company Morgan Lovell, working together on numerous projects for major clients, improving office environments, and delivering on impressive range of bespoke graphics, branding and functional decorative solutions  

So we relished the opportunity to team up once again with them recently to work on Superdrug's new headquarters in Croydon, exactly the type of fast-paced, heavily branded design and build project that we love to get our teeth into. 

Their new offices are spread over six floors, and Artworks manufactured and installed a number of printed branding products throughout the building. These included wallcoverings, glass manifestation, large format acoustic fabric walling, wayfinding signage, framed interchangeable artwork and large scale acrylic artwork.

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