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The Down's Syndrome Association supports people of all ages with the condition, helping them lead full, active and successful lives. However, it's fair to say that their Teddington offices were in need of a bit of a revamp, which is why Artworks were delighted to lend our services free of charge to help them improve their working environment.        

Artworks worked together with our friends and partners Morgan Lovell as part of their annual Charity SOS project, where we give something back to the charities that support our local communities. The Down's Syndrome Association raises funds, provides training and offers support to those living with the syndrome, crucial work on which many people depend.   

The Association spends all its spare cash on helping those in need, but we think their hard-working staff still deserve a great working environment, so we decided to help re-fit their offices for free. Artworks supplied five runs of wallpaper and a printed pinboard, helping create a more sociable environment for staff, one where everybody can work and communicate.      

The effects of the transformation are already being felt. Within a few days of the re-fit staff had already organised a pool tournament and remote workers were able to plug into the hot desks, while one parent came in with her child and chatted with staff for over an hour, testimony that the new design really does work.         

Artworks are proud to have made our own small contribution to the great work of the Down's Syndrome Association and hope they continue to enjoy their sparkling new offices for a long time to come!