Artworks Lighting up the World of Defence

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Artworks and Paramount Interiors go back a long way, with many successful projects behind them. Artworks been working with Paramount in developing the Customer Experience Centre for security specialists Cassidian, part of the EADS group.

As a global leader in sustainable system solutions for both civil and military organisations, Cassidian wanted the new Centre to be built to exacting standards. Not only did it need to be open and comfortable, but it also had to be sophisticated, professional and bold.

The Centre will host Cassidian's partners, suppliers and customers, including politicians, military officials and civil hosts, so every detail has to be right. The Centre has to accentuate collaboration and innovation, while at the same time be a flexible space for both physical and virtual presentations.   

Artworks always strive to meet the specific demands of their customers and have provided a range of illuminated plinths to Cassidian, which will prove a very effective way to display their products.  Essentially frosted plastic boxes that light up using LEDs, the illuminated plinths are battery-powered and rechargeable, so Cassidian staff will be able to move them around when they need to during presentations.

This will allow them to showcase specific features of their products to customers, all in an open and well-lit gallery that makes a great impression on customers. This is the kind of professionall, collaborative environment that Cassidian expect and that will help the company go from strength to strength.