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In the summer Artworks became a distributor and authorised installer of Novawall fabric walling and ceiling systems.  Designed primarily for acoustic treatment to the built environment, Artworks has now delivered a number of high profile installations.   "The great advantage of using Artworks for stretched fabric walls & ceilings is the fact that we manufacture many of the products that interface with it, such as magnetic glass dry wipe boards, pinboards and signage.  In addition, we print bespoke fabric designs in-house offering unlimited design opportunities"

We are very excited to announce the appointment of Jamie Hennelly who joined us recently.  Jamie is a 3rd generation upholsterer with 15 years of experience in fabric walling and, based in the London office, he will be heading up this division of the business.  We anticipate fabric walling becoming a fundamental part of the business moving forward and we are already working on several projects for delivery both this year and in 2016. 

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