Artworks Using the “Tools” of the Trade

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Artworks Solutions, Wylde IA and CS2 have worked together on many successful projects; as a team they provide outstanding design, cost control and implementation.  Seco Tools was no exception!

Undaunted by the task of creating a new home for Seco in two industrial sheds, the team’s vision, inspirational office and production space are there for all to see; it is an excellent example of an office designed for an open and forward-thinking modern company.  A careful selection of materials, furniture, lighting and landscaping maximise Seco’s investment for the long term and minimise the environmental impact.

Creating practical open plan environments needs careful consideration; lighting, the best furniture available and special consideration to acoustics all played their part at Seco.

The designs for many of the Artworks products were based on cutter, pocket and insert shapes manufactured by Seco; these designs were then translated on to many different finishes including glass plasma surrounds, wallpaper, storage wall graphics, manifestation, signage, valchromat feature panels, acoustic artwork, membrane pressed felt panels, printed acoustic ceiling panels, acrylic letters, illuminated signage and membrane pressed feature walls.

The acoustic artwork and signage were cut using Seco’s own tooling, giving this unique project the personal touch.

Richard Jelfs, Managing Director at Seco Tools, says, “The team has delivered a truly outstanding environment for work, rest and play.  They have a unique ability not only to design funky workspaces but also to seamlessly translate their designs into practical reality.  They understand the entire process and have incredible attention to detail..... and they’re all great fun to work with.”