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The idea of ‘Art for Offices’ is not new, but because of advancements in digital printing it has become extremely popular.  Some large corporate organisations even employ specialist corporate art consultants to advise on the most effective use of corporate artwork. For example, boardrooms are places for meetings, but often the boardroom is also where you present your company, so your choice of artwork here is as important as choices made for all your other furnishings and fittings.

ImageArt is Artworks Solutions’ own corporate art product, and a great way to improve the look and mood of your workplace.  It works well in many respects. Images can carry a corporate brand or message, and this is a powerful way to reach out to visitors and staff alike with a sense of what the company stands for and how it does business. It has also been suggested that paintings in spaces lower blood pressure and heart rate, this combined can make for a better working environment.

Artworks supply the complete package. From the customer’s original brief we will search out fabulous images from our various sources, and these can be graphically enhanced to match your specification. Then, using a variety of in-house high quality finishing services (including custom made frames, canvas wraps, reverse printed glass or acrylic, kiln fired glass, aluminum, photographic, illuminated, and acoustic options along with many other bespoke solutions), we manufacture the artwork to suit your environment perfectly.

Styles range from traditional to contemporary, and everything in between. To find out more about ImageArt call us now on 0117 9666 331 or email