Old Acquaintances, New Opportunities

  • framed artwork
  • framed artwork

Over the years we've established a great relationship with interiors company Morgan Lovell, working together on numerous projects for major clients, improving office environments, and delivering on impressive range of bespoke graphics, branding and functional decorative solutions.  

So we relished the opportunity to team up once again with them recently to work on Superdrug's new headquarters in Croydon, exactly the type of fast-paced, heavily branded design and build project that we love to get our teeth into. 

Their new offices are spread over six floors, and Artworks manufactured and installed a number of printed branding products throughout the building. These included wallcoverings, glass manifestation, large format acoustic fabric walling, wayfinding signage, framed interchangeable artwork and large scale acrylic artwork.

It's no easy task to organise all this and make sure everybody is on the same page. To make life easy for the project stakeholders, we produced a set of master ‘graphic’ floor plans which we overlaid with elevations of all the branding assets and designs to assist with the signing off process.  

Long experience has taught us that this is the best approach on major projects, helping ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently, even as client needs evolve. It's now standard procedure for us and it's proved invaluable in helping us adapt to changing needs, ensuring up-to-date detail is captured and easily visible to all.

We also manufactured a multi-level bespoke feature wall in the reception area, fabricated from sprayed aluminium along with external building signage and a floor standing back lit monolith sign.

Once that was done it was time to renew relationships with our friends at Morgan Lovell and toast a job well done, looking forward to working on many more projects together in future.   

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