On the Voyage to Discovery

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A visit to a Travel Agency to plan a holiday should always raise your spirits, no matter how mundane the circumstances.

While you might be on a freezing lunch break in the middle of February, the travel agency wants to inspire you with thoughts of glorious holidays and exotic locations, taking you far away from your spreadsheets, IT problems or whatever it might be. 

The working environment is an important part of this, so when Lusted Green Designers asked us to help them enhance Trailfinders' offices on Kensington High Street in West London, we were happy to help. We worked together with Lusted Green and Trailfinders to supply and fit a series of 38 large format Acoustic Art displays, along with supporting printed wallcovering.

This is ideal for creating large visual displays showcasing locations across the globe. Artworks' uses its Novawall fabric tracking system, together with in-house large format printed fabrics, to create stunning seamless displays – these also offer a class A sound absorbent surface, so that potential customers can get a personalised one-to-one service, even in Trailfinders' buzzy, dynamic offices. 

The graphics to the Novawall system can be updated by swapping out the fabric, so the display can be changed to highlight particularly popular or exciting locations, while still retaining the hardware and acoustic materials. Tastes change quickly, and these days many people are on the lookout for interesting holidays, so it's important to be able to adapt in line with evolving demand.

We've done similar work at Trailfinders' Belfast offices, and are also looking at other locations among the company's travel centres across the UK and Ireland. Trailfinders offer some pretty tempting packages – however, while we love our holidays here at Artworks, at the moment we're focusing on developing our business, so it's full steam ahead for 2017.

For more information on Artworks' range of products and services, contact us via 0117 9666331 or on sales@artworks-solutions.com