Patriot Games at MotoNovo’s New Offices

  • Manifestation
  • Acoustic Waffle
  • Feature Wall

Our team also installed a number of other products across the workplace, including dry-wipe panels, modular feature walls and an array of products from our AcousticArt range, namely ‘waffle’ ‘cloud’ and ‘stretch’.

This was complemented by additional products and special touches designed to reinforce the company's culture. The reception area now features a CAD cut-out global map to a glazing run, which highlights MotoNovo's other offices across the world. 

Providing great products is not the whole story on this kind of project though, as you also need to think about the corporate identity, spatial dimensions and likely needs of staff. With around 71,500 square foot of space, MotoNovo's new workplace has room for over 800 desks.

The new workplace incorporates break-out areas and meeting pods, designed as spaces for staff to collaborate, exchange ideas and refresh ready for the next challenge. We provided AcousticArt and digital wallpaper for these areas, helping to further enhance the working environment.

Our team delivered their usual excellent service and completed the job on-time and on-budget, maintaining quality levels even when the design parameters shifted, and helping to combine a strong corporate identity with deep pride in Cardiff's heritage.

This is a common thread running throughout MotoNovo's new workplace, which is now home to a mural of Cardiff Castle styled in the company's corporate colours of orange and blue. Guaranteed to instil pride and patriotism and set MotoNovo on course for a stronger future.