The building blocks of success

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  • paintshop sprayshop

At Artworks we're always looking for ways to improve efficiency and boost productivity, which is key to the long-term future of our business. With a new unit to house our two new spray booths, we're laying the foundations for a stronger future. 
The new unit is situated directly next door to our Fabrication unit, so our whole business operation will be even more efficient than it is currently. We expect to be able to turn round work considerably quicker with our new facility, so we'll be able to take on more work.
At the same time we'll maintain the high standards that mark us out from the rest. We've invested in state-of-the art new equipment, including top of the range GTi devilbills spray guns, which will help us build on our hard-won reputation for production excellence.   
The machinery and the new kit is great of course, but our ability to keep delivering high-quality services and solutions ultimately depends on the expertise of our staff, so we're continuing to invest in the skills that will drive development.
The new unit also includes space for a training facility, which we'll be using to help our staff develop their skills. Quality and efficiency remain priorities for Artworks, as we seek to maintain the high standards and production excellence that mark us out, while we'll still be able 
At 495m2, the unit offers a decent amount of space, and we're keen to use it to its maximum.